Mama Fortuna is a witch living in a treehouse in Foldale and working as a local herbalist and fortune-teller.

Forever YoungEdit

Decade after decade people keep noticing that Mama's appearance never changes and she always looks like the same 30 years ol' lady. Nobody but her knows how she achieves that, but surely half of the potions she makes she actually drinks by herself.

Only Mama herself knows the ritual of rejuvenation which she learned back from her own mistress several centuries ago. The ritual involves death of a newborn child, but her mistress also taught her a trick making it a little more legal, instead of a real human child she would use a baby animal, usually rats, snakes or spiders, those whom most people usually kill anyway, she would transform the animal into a human child first and then proceed with the ritual. And it has to be repeated every 100 years or so, whenever her body starts showing certain signs of aging again.

Her latest victim was supposed to be a little ratsnake, but the ritual failed when Mama accidentally broke a retort containing some hallucinogenic substance, so while she was seeing funny things the snake managed to escape, but the transformation was already ongoing and the snake turned into a boy who was later found in the forest by a local blacksmith, and thus without wanting it Mama gave birth to the boy named Sam Smith, while the blacksmith became his father.